In 2015, ERT Conservation organised an international conference on Capacity Building for Conservation. The meeting took place in Nairobi (Kenya), and was attended by 170  people from 90 organisations from 35 countries (including 28 African states). This conference was the second in a series of four international meetings on Capacity Building for Conservation being organised by ERT Conservation (further details).

Nairobi Conference SUMMARY:    PDF

Nairobi Conference Programme:    PDF

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Nairobi Conference presentations: LINK

Why was this conference is needed? Conservation organisations and agencies in Africa are faced with a growing diversity of environmental issues. Sustainable solutions to these problems will require actions to be implemented by strong organisations and communities with the skills, knowledge and data to undertake a broad range of technical and process-based activities. There are already a broad range of capacity-related initiatives in Africa that are working to tackle capacity building issues. This meeting provided an opportunity to review existing regional initiatives, exchange ideas, develop and enhance capacity networks, and formulate effective and lasting solutions to common capacity problems.

Conference themes and cross-cutting issues (further details):

Theme 1:  Protected areas 
Theme 2:  Community engagement & rights-based governance 
Theme 3:  Effective leadership and strong organisations 
Theme 4:  Professional e-Learning
Theme 5:  Developing a community of practice in Africa

The key cross-cutting capacity issues were:

  1. Conservation in politically unstable areas and 'disabling' environments
  2. Solutions to internal organisation and community 'barriers'
  3. Supporting skilled individuals
  4. Effective pooling of resources across the conservation sector
  5. Sustainable resource management within wider economic development


Thematic workshops

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