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We focus on 3 themes within our operational model of real conservation:
1. Ecological and conservation research
2. Building conservation capacity
3. Communication

1. Ecological and conservation research

All conservation organisations are under considerable pressure to maximise the impact and cost-effectiveness of their actions. The provision of robust, science-based ‘evidence’ is therefore a core need throughout the conservation sector and across all scales: local, national, regional and international. ERT Conservation has expertise in a range of analytical research tools and applies these to underpin the actions of partner organisations. We have particular expertise in the use of geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing for conservation, but also offer a range of research services in relation to:

2. Building conservation capacity

It has been widely recognised that there is little point in developing conservation strategies and action plans, if there are not people in organisations who have the requisite range of skills, knowledge to implement them. It is also clear that given the magnitude of environmental issues around the globe, there is currently a wide gap between the huge number of problems and our collective ‘capacity’ to deal with them. Filling this gap and scaling up our capacity building efforts is therefore perhaps one of the most important conservation issues of our time. In response to this concern, ERT Conservation has instigated three key initiatives aimed at capacity building for conservation:

For organisations and individuals, we also offer professional services in the development of bespoke and cost-effective training solutions with an emphasis on economies of scale. This includes:

3. Communication

We are committed to ensuring that the results of our research and capacity building activities are communicated and used throughout the conservation practitioner and academic sectors. We have three key initiatives in this area:

(i) International meetings & networks. Bringing together individuals and organisations to discuss key issues, communicate new methodologies, identify best practice, and find solutions to common problems.

(ii) Scientific publications. Communicating the findings of our research in leading scientific journals; this includes proceedings from our international conferences proceedings. ERT Conservation’s director is also currently writing the first book specifically focussed on capacity building for conservation. This will be published by Pelagic Publications in 2014.

(iii) Film & radio. In partnership with Plastic Buddha Productions we have produced a short film on capacity building in English and Spanish. Further films are planned as outputs from other conferences. With an American partner (PCI Media Impact) and a Colombian partner (Fundacion CONSERVA), ERT Conservation is leading the development of a radio ‘soap opera’ in South America to communicate conservation and biodiversity issues to a wider, community-based audience. We will update you on progress with Amazon in 2014.





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